Hardgeer caught up with renowned multi talented mutifaceted Cinematographer Artist and Musician Andre Dee aka Dready at the Goodboy films studio and…

Andre Dee aka Dready recording artist

What motivates you to write music? 

Dready: Everything motivates me, as a very passionate person I thrive on self expression…so, pain, joy, peace, war, laughter and everything else motivate the type of music I express

Where do you draw your inspiration from

Dready in the studio

Dready: Music, Art and filmaking are all routes to expressing self and I’m happy I have these tools, they are one and the same

How do you joggle music, filmmaking, and entrepreneurship?

: Entrepreneurship is an ability I had to inculcate into my existence so as not to die of hunger while grooming my artform, they are synergized so there’s no difference in them

Andre Dee – Is this Loving

Look out for simple but esoteric world class expressions through music and videos from Andre Dee