My plant based confetti spaghetti by Peter Armand Boyo is a healthy and delicious light meal that takes you from boring healthy foods to mouth watering delicious meals.

Confetti Vegetables and Spaghetti by Peter Armand Boyo

Recipe: Slice or julienne the carrots, leeks, green peppers, yellow habanero peppers, red tatashe, purple cabbage, purple onions, into thin strips and chopped garlic.

Add spices, to your taste, I used spice cubes, lemon pepper, black pepper, turmeric, curry and cajun spices.

Toss in oil for 5 mins be sure not to overcook vegetables 

Confetti Vegetables with boiled spaghetti

Add boiled pasta (using non egg pasta or whole grain pasta and toss. 

Bon appétit.